A Special Message about Preschool

The North Hanover Township School District is pleased to offer preschool for 3 year and 4 year old children. The program provides an inclusive environment where students can learn and grow alongside their peers.

This inclusive preschool is a full day, five day a week program. The program begins in September and follows the North Hanover Township School District Calendar. Transportation is provided by the district. To be eligible, students must be three or four years of age by October 1st. Students must have the required immunizations and health records, and be residents of North Hanover Township or JB-MDL.

North Hanover Township Schools PreK program is a best practice program that engages children in a comprehensive curriculum. Our program adheres to strict state guidelines. As such, regular attendance by students is important. By registering your child for this program, you are acknowledging that your child will attend 5 days a week, for full school days. Absences for illness are unavoidable, and we encourage you to keep your child home when he/she is sick. However, regular attendance except for illness is expected.

At times, the North Hanover PreK program has a waiting list of students. In cases where illness is not a factor and students do not attend school regularly, children will be dis-enrolled and their places in the PreK program offered to another student on the waiting list.

If you are concerned your preschool child is developing or learning differently, you can call your district to request an evaluation for preschool special education and related services. For more information call: (609) 738-2637.

Si le preocupa que su hijo de edad preescolar se esté desarrollando o aprendiendo en forma diferente, puede llamar el distrito escolar para solicitar una evaluación para educación especial preescolar y servicios relacionados. Para obtener más información llame: (609) 738-2637.