Special Services

Mrs. Jenifer Grenger, Director

Mrs. Jennifer Grenger

Special Services


Deb Irvin

Special Services


Special Services

The Director of Special Services is responsible for the organization, implementation and supervision of all programs and staff members who provide services to students within this department. Special Services Department is comprised of a variety of service professionals and support staff including the Child Study Team, Related Service providers such as Speech and Language Specialists, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Special Education teachers and their educational assistants. The mission of Special Services is to provide individual education programs and support services to students whose unique needs extend beyond the scope of general education programs. By way of these supportive services provided by Special Services, our school district is able to provide an opportunity for the appropriate educational growth of each student.

Special Services is committed to utilizing updated, scientific and research-based technologies, programs and services recognizing the importance of effective Parent and School communication and collaboration.