Business Administrator

Mrs. Amy Lerner is the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary for the North Hanover Township School District.

The Business Administrator/Board Secretary is the chief financial officer for the District and maintains the official records for the Board of Education.

In addition, the Business Administrator oversees the operations of the Maintenance, Food Service and Transportation Departments. Together with the Directors of these departments, the goals include the safe transportation of children to/from school to ensure that the children receive nutritious meals and that the schools are well maintained, so that the experiences for the children while at school are pleasant.

The annual budget process begins each year in the Fall. The Business Administrator provides the data and tools necessary for development of the annual budget. The school-based budget requests are submitted to the Superintendent of Schools who reviews the requests and meets with the Principals and Directors. The Superintendent of Schools then, in collaboration with the Business Administrator, presents the budget to the Board for their review and approval. After approval by the State, the Board conducts a public hearing and finally adopts the budget. The levy is then established and the County Tax Board strikes the tax rate. If the budget exceeds the State imposed cap, that amount above cap would be presented to the voters at an annual election be held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.