Achieve the Core Family Guides (English)

Dear Parent/Guardian(s):

The NJDOE recently shared a set of resources called the Achieve the Core Parent Guides to help families more clearly understand the English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics expectations for children in each grade level. Each guide below provides a brief, family-friendly summary of what your child is learning and how you can take an active role in supporting their academic growth.

Each guide is currently available in English and Spanish and contains the following sections:

  • What Your Child Should Know & Be Able to Do (Grade 6 Only: What 6th Graders Are Learning)
  •  Everyday Activities to Support Learning (Grade 6 Only: Talking About Literacy and Math with Your 6th Grader)
  • Education Words
  • Tips for Talking with Teachers
  • Grade 6 Only: Connecting Classrooms to Career
  • Tools and Resources to Help

I encourage you to read through the guides below and utilize the information to initiate meaningful discussion with your child and your child’s teacher(s). If you have any questions extending beyond the scope of the classroom, please feel free to contact me.

      Sincerely,  Lella Signature

Dr. Rachel C. Lella

       Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Achieve the Core Family Guides
K-5 Education Words Glossary
Kindergarten Family Guide
Grade One Family Guide
Grade Two Family Guide
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Grade Four Family Guide
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