Smartboard Resources

My board isn't showing what's on my Computer

Right click anywhere on the desktop and select "Display Settings" make sure the "MultipleDisplay" setting is set to "Duplicate" not "Extend".

SmartBoard 101

Some great videos on the use of your SmartBoard.

Getting to know your Smartboard

Short video on the basics.

Users Manual

Good info on the basics.

Download SMART Exchange Content

A tutorial on downloading a lesson from the SMART Exchange.

Tips and Tricks

Good Stuff!

There's no picture, just a big blue screen that says "Smartboard"

Make sure your computer is on and the board is set to the correct input. Press the button to the right of the volume control on the pen tray until it says VGA 1 in the bottom right corner of the Smartboard screen.

How do I get rid of the floating mouse below the cursor?

It's an option in the Smartboard Control Panel that you can turn off.