Our Mission, Vision, Values


Guiding Question: Why Do We Exist?

To ensure that all students are resilient, lifelong learners who achieve excellence and engage as twenty- first century citizens through effective instruction that is based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards.

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Guiding Question: What Do Want To Become?

North Hanover Township School District is a forward- thinking district aiming to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world. We are a professional learning community with a keen focus on learning through collaboration, creativity, and leadership at all levels in the organization.

  1. Our schools are safe and supportive environments where passion for learning and compassion for all living things are nurtured.

  2. Our curriculum is living and dynamic, rigorous, relevant.

  3. Our classrooms are highly interactive, inclusive and stimulating. They extend beyond the walls through easily accessible technology. Students learn through collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creative experiences.

  4. Our professional practice is rooted in research and based on individual student goals.

  5. Our staff members are highly motivated lifelong learners and leaders, empowered by professional collaboration, feedback and self-reflection.

  6. Our students learn and grow intellectually, artistically, technologically, physically, socially, with a focus on character development.

  7. Our Board of Education, families and community are connected, engaged, and supportive partners in the realization of our district mission.

This work is ongoing and defines us as a learning community.

Guiding Question:  What Matters To Us Most And Thus What Do We Commit To Doing?

We value lifelong learning and we commit to:

  • Providing ample opportunities for professional discovery, job-embedded learning, and innovation. i.e. coaching, lab sites, action research, book groups, PLC's, teacher academies, etc.

  • Creating and implementing a shared vision of learning with staff.

  • Nurturing and celebrating teacher expertise and leadership.

We value collaboration and we commit to:

  • Providing time, resources, and clear expectations for collaboration.

  • Encouraging shared leadership and decision making among members of the educational community.

  • Functioning as a true Professional Learning Community.

We value highly professional and respectful behavior and we commit to:

  • Engaging in rigorous and selective hiring to ensure the highest quality of staff at all levels in our district

  • Modeling respectful, compassionate, supportive leadership by acting with integrity and fairness while maintaining high standards

  • Engaging in high quality mentoring and induction practices to support our newest staff members

We value diversity and inclusion and we commit to

  • Developing and maintaining programs that prioritize an inclusive learning and social environment for all students

  • Celebrating diverse backgrounds, talents and life experiences of students and their families

  • Continuously revising and expand teacher- developed, living curriculum documents with exemplar lessons

We value our students, families and community partners and we commit to

  • Connecting and coordinating with military and civilian resources in our community to ensure responsive, empathetic, supportive programming and services for students

  • Cultivating school environments that are clean, safe, welcoming and inviting

  • Interacting with our parents and community members with a customer service perspective

We value high levels of learning for all students, regardless of class or school placement and we commit to

  • Synthesizing research and student data to inform program decisions and practices and to set district and school goals

  • Working as a leadership team to ensure common, systemic practices in all schools and to be prepared for emerging initiatives, requirements and opportunities

  • Continuously and collaboratively asking, "What do students need to know and be able to do? How will we know if they can? What will we do if they don't know? What will we do if they already know?" Ensure resources to support the answers.

We value innovation and we commit to

  • Modeling and prioritizing twenty-first century practices

  • Using technology to be efficient, effective, and innovative

  • Continuously seeking to iterate our work to best meet the needs of our students

  • Celebrating achievements of school and staff