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Emergency Notification System

The North Hanover Township School District contracts with SchoolMessenger, a leading provider of notification services for parental outreach, emergency broadcasts, student attendance alerts, and other education related communications.  

The SchoolMessenger system is linked directly to the contact information we have in our Genesis Student Information System.  Please login to the Parent Portal and visit the Contacts screen to review your current contact information.  If you need to edit any information on the Parent Portal Contacts screen, please contact the secretary or clerk at your child’s school.

You may create a SchoolMessenger account that will allow you to control how you would like to receive the various types of messages that may be sent through the system.  You can create your account online from their website or by downloading their app.  The app is called the SchoolMessenger app.  

Currently, you may elect to receive messages through phone or email.  In the future you may be able to elect to receive messages via text.  Text messaging requires a separate opt-in process that may be launched in the future.