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PARCC Information for Parents


2016 - 2017

What is PARCC?

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a computer-based assessment of Mathematics and English Language Arts. State law requires all students in grades 3-8 to participate in state assessments.  The PARCC replaces the NJASK in grades 3-8. Fourth graders will still take the NJASK Science assessment.


How does PARCC differ from the NJASK?

PARCC is the first online state mandated assessment. It is designed to measure students’ progress with state standards.

May my child opt-out of state testing?

Per state guidelines, there is no provision to opt-out of the PARCC assessment. The New Jersey Department of Education has provided schools the following guidance:

...State law and regulations require all students to take State assessments. For the 2014-2015 school year, the PARCC assessment will replace the prior statewide assessments - the NJASK in grades 3-8 and HSPA in high school; as such, all students shall take the PARCC assessment as scheduled. Since the PARCC assessment is part of the State required educational program, schools are not required to provide an alternative educational program for students who do not participate in the statewide assessment.

What design changes have been made?

The 2014-15 PARCC testing was done in two parts—the performance-based testing in early spring and the end-of-year testing in late spring, closer to end of the school year. In May 2015, the PARCC governing board voted to:

  • Reduce the testing time for students by about 90 minutes overall (60 minutes in mathematics; 30 minutes in English language arts) and create more uniformity of test unit times.

  • Consolidate the two testing windows in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (which includes reading and writing) into one. The single testing window will simplify administration of the test for states and schools that experienced challenges with scheduling two testing windows. The testing window will be up to 30 days and will extend from roughly the 75 percent mark to the 90 percent mark of the school year. Most schools will complete testing in one to two weeks during that window.

  • Reduce the number of test units for all students. (

When will the PARCC be administered?

The PARCC testing window runs from March 27th - May 19th. Our testing dates are as follows:

CBL: April 26th - May 5th. Makeups will begin the week of May 8th.

UES: April 25th - May 5th. Makeups will begin the week of May 8th.

The 4th grade NJASK Science test will be administered on May 31, 2017. Makeups are scheduled for June 7th.

Will students have opportunities to practice the tests?

Classroom teachers have introduced sample items and practice tests in class. Students will also be given an opportunity to complete practice assessments during computer class. Finally, the district will participate in a test simulation in order to prepare students for the upcoming PARCC test.

What types of accommodations will be allowed for students with disabilities and English Language Learners for the PARCC assessments?

The PARCC Accessibility and Accommodations Manual found on the PARCC website is a comprehensive policy document which provides guidance and support to ensure that students with disabilities and English language learners are provided appropriate access to the PARCC assessment.

What resources are available?

Parent Resources

Test Design

New Jersey Department of Education Parent Guide

Practice tests, Sample items, and tutorials

PARCC Accessibility Features and Accommodations Manual