Who was Mr. Lamb

CB Lamb School is named after Clarence B. Lamb, but who was he? Here are some interesting facts about him.

  • Mr. Lamb's mother was a custodian at the Jacobstown School. His father delivered pencils, paper, and chalk to local neighboring schools.

  • Mr. Lamb worked as a custodian, bus driver, and later became secretary of the school board.

  • The Lamb family lived in the brown house on the corner of Route 528 and Jacobstown-Cookstown Road.

  • When asked why CB Lamb was built next to a graveyard, Mr. Lamb's response was that "they wanted the children to have a GRAVE outlook on life!"

  • One holiday tradition was that the whole school would walk down to Mr. Lamb's house to see his Christmas tree. Mr. Lamb and his wife, Ann, would search the area to find a "large enough" tree which they placed in a large washtub. He would then wire the branches together vertically to give the tree more support. The tree was kept up for a long time; sometimes the tree even candled (sprouted new growth)!

  • He could be found at the board office wearing his famous bow ties and reading glasses.

  • He would keep his house open to students and allow them to walk to his house for cider.