• Dear CB Lamb Families,

    Welcome to CB Lamb Elementary School of North Hanover Township!

    As the principal of CB Lamb School, I am very honored to be a part of the North Hanover Township team.  

    It is my philosophy that the culture of a school and its collective ability to welcome and engage learners is rooted in the mutual respect we share for each other which allows us to keep our focus and attention on our most valuable asset… the children we serve.  Our goal is to reach every child and help them develop academically, socially and emotionally through a safe and supportive environment rich with great character and an enthusiasm for learning.  

    It is a strong partnership between the school, the families and the entire community that helps each child achieve their potential in a safe and enriching environment.

    I hope I have the privilege of seeing you around our school and that you become a part of the wonderful learning experiences our students participate in every day.  Please stop by at your convenience to introduce yourself.  You will recognize me because I will always be the person wearing the biggest smile!


    Heather Wawrzyniak