Social Studies Curriculum Overview

North Hanover Township School District

Overview of K-6 Social Studies Curriculum

In grades K-4, students learn fundamental concepts about government, citizenship, geography, economics, and history. The focus of instruction is on developing an understanding of core democratic values, the rights and responsibilities of American citizens, and how key people and events contributed to the development of the American heritage. Exploration of cultural universals enables students to realize how the availability of resources, the changing environment, and innovation impact everyday life.




Citizenship/All About Me

Holidays and Traditions

My Community and World


Wants and Needs


American Symbols


Economics (Goods and Services)

My Land (resources, climate, geography)

Heroes in History


Government and Laws

United States Regions

National and Global Resources


Early Inhabitants and History of NJ

Land of NJ

NJ Grows/Present Day

In grades 5-8, students build upon K-4 foundational content. Through instruction in U.S. History and World History/Global Studies, they begin to analyze the implications of government structures and economic policies for individuals, communities, nations, and global relationships. The study of migratory patterns and belief systems that in the past led to cooperation and conflict among groups of people enable students to realize the significance of cultural transmission in today’s global society. Relevant activities that help students connect content knowledge to current issues and that promote service learning empower students to become civic-minded and socially active.



American Revolution

U.S. Constitution


Beginnings of Human Society

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome