Science Curriculum Overview

North Hanover Township School District

Overview of K-6 Science Curriculum


Unit 1: Trees and Weather

Unit 2: Animals Two by Two

Unit 3: Materials and Motion

First Grade

Unit 1: Air and Weather

Unit 2: Sound and Light

Unit 3: Plants and Animals

Second Grade

Unit 1: Pebbles, Sand, and Silt

Unit 2: Solids and Liquids

Unit 3: Insects and Plants

Third Grade

Unit 1: Water and Climate

Unit 2: Motion and Matter

Unit 3: Structures of Life

Fourth Grade

Unit 1: Soils, Rocks, and Landforms

Unit 2: Energy

Unit 3: Environments

Fifth Grade

Unit 1: Earth and Sun

Unit 2: Mixtures and Solutions

Unit 3: Living Systems

Sixth Grade

Unit 1: Matter and Its Interactions

Unit 2:  Energy, Forces, and Motion

Unit 3: Earth Systems (mini-unit)

Unit 4: Space Systems