Art Curriculum Overview

North Hanover Township School District

Overview of K-6 Art Curriculum

Mission Statement

The North Hanover School District K-6 Art program is a vital component of every child’s core education.  Visual Arts experiences cultivate creative expression, innovative thinking, problem solving, and personal development.


         Art in the elementary school should engage children not only in the creating of Art, but also in historical influences in Art, aesthetic questioning in Art, positive critique or objective judgment of Art, and multicultural studies of Art. The activities designed by the Art teacher will provide guidance and motivation to stimulate the creative process.

         The North Hanover Art Curriculum is formulated based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards: 1.1 The Creative Process; 1.2 History of the Arts and Culture; 1.3 Performing; 1.4 Aesthetic Responses & Critique Methodologies.

         Students will gain fundamental technical skills, an appreciation of the Arts and of their visual environment, and a better understanding of themselves.  Art Education promotes higher level thinking and creative problem solving. Aesthetic Education is essential and is designed to enrich a person’s life by increasing their capacity to use their senses in experiencing their environment.

         Visual Arts will be integrated throughout the school curriculum.  Students at the elementary level will be given broad based exposure through instruction which will serve as a foundation for further Art education.