Related Services

Speech Therapy

The Speech and Language Specialists provide direct speech and language therapies to students with identified speech, language and hearing disabilities. They plan and teach lessons based on a student's Individualized Education Program [IEP] that are age-appropriate and related to the general education curriculum. Speech and Language lessons may be conducted in a Speech Therapy room or in the classroom setting. Speech and Language specialists evaluate student progress and keep the parents informed on a regular basis. A written statement of how this will be done is included in each student's IEP.

For all students referred for a suspected voice, articulation or fluency disorder and for students with a suspected language disorder, the Speech and Language specialist serves in the role of case manager. The case manager coordinates the development, monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the IEP document.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy as an educational support service is different from occupational therapy in a hospital or clinic setting. School-based therapists focus on assisting students to acquire the functional abilities necessary to access educational materials and adapt to their educational environment. An Occupational Therapist may help students with daily activities related to educational participation, teaching adaptive skills and alternative methods, and facilitate the use of assistive devices. Our Occupational therapist works collaboratively with other educational staff members and parents to help students appropriately engage in their educational activities. This collaboration is also the foundation for promoting the participation of students with disabilities in the general educational environment.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is provided in the school setting to help students improve their ability to function physically in the classroom , during physical education class and on the playground. Physical therapy sessions focus on balance and functional strength training, improving gross motor and locomotor skills and improving cardiovascular fitness. Sessions are based on motor learning principles to facilitate skill acquisition, retention and generalization to the school environment. Physical therapy allows students to reach their maximum potential for interacting with their peers in class, at recess and during all school related activities.

BCBA- Behavioral Specialist

The Behavior Specialist conducts behavioral assessments, including functional analyses, and provides behavior interpretations of the results. The Behavior Specialist designs and supervises behavior interventions for students and teachers. When behavior interventions and assessments are utilized, the Behavior Specialist uses non-technical language that is able to be understood by teachers and parents.

Essential Functions and Job Duties:  Provides training to teachers, paraprofessionals and parents in appropriate assessment, development and implementation of positive student behavioral interventions.

  • Provides training in special education law and behavior intervention

  • Conducts assessments for students with behavioral challenges

  • Consults with school psychologist, teachers, ABA therapists, case managers, administrators and parents

  • Conducts diagnostic teaching interventions with selected students

  • Provides training and consultation in the adaptation of appropriate curriculum strategies

  • Provides training for Educational Assistants and Paraprofessionals

  • Provides training in classroom data collection in order to document student academic and behavioral progress

  • Develops, monitors and evaluates student data collection throughout the North Hanover Township School District

  • Attends IEP meetings as a resource for teachers, case managers and parents

  • Conducts student groups for appropriate social skills development and feedback through role-play, modeling and video conferencing.