Gifted and Talented Identification

Identification Phases

A comprehensive and cohesive process for student identification is designed to determine eligibility for gifted education services. All students in the district shall be identified and/or screened with consideration given to appropriate accommodations and/or modifications based on students' IEPs, 504 plans, and/or status as English Language Learners. Both quantitative and qualitative instruments will be used to measure students’ abilities, talents, and strengths. There are 3 steps in the process:

  1. The screening of students using multiple assessment tools
  2. Assessment of students through the KBIT/CoGAT assessment
  3. The selection of students for whom the gifted program is appropriate

Screening Phase:

Screening of all students will be completed in the Fall of each school year. At least three (3) methods will be used to screen all students. They may include, but are not limited to, performance on the state-wide assessment, grades, district benchmark scores, F&P reading level, and teacher recommendation nomination.

Screening Process for Students Entering:

Selection Criteria:


In Kindergarten all students will benefit from whole class enrichment. Dibels, KBIT, input from the Gifted and Talented teacher and classroom teacher will be used to determine appropriate placement.

Grades 1-2

  • NWEA

  • F&P BAS reading level

  • Math Baseline assessment

  • Teacher input

  • KBIT

Grades 3-6

  • NWEA (given in 3rd grade and beginning of the year for new students)

  • ELA PARCC scores

  • Math PARCC scores

  • F&P BAS reading level

  • End of Year Math scores

  • Reading, Writing, and Math T3 Report Card grades

  • CogAT

Identification and Placement Phase:

Data is compiled in order to make an informed decision regarding selection.  The artifacts used for selection is based upon individual student needs and abilities.  These artifacts will be chosen with the goal of allowing students to display optimal performance. Other assessment tools may be added to provide more evidence for appropriate placement. Each screening criteria will be assigned a point value.  Please see the chart for complete criteria.

Tier 1

(Screening Phase)

NWEA (administered in grades K-3 and to new students in 4-6)

See chart below

PARCC (Grades 3-8)

Met or Exceeded Expectations

End of Year Math scores


Report Card grades

Met or Exceeded Expectations

Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment

Students must perform at the instructional level for their grade

Tier 2

KBIT (K-2)

CoGAT 8 (3-6)

at or above 125


NWEA Student Status Norms

NWEA Student Status Norms

Grade K



Grade 1



Grade 2


Grade 3  190.4 188.3
Grade 4  201.9 198.2
Grade 5  211.4 205.7
Grade 6  217.6 211.0