Goals for the Gifted and Talented Student

1. Abstract Thinking and Inquiry Skills: G&T students will have an opportunity to engage in higher level, complex thinking skills (including critical, creative, divergent, and productive thinking) as a regular part of their school experience.

2. Subject Matter Knowledge and Skills: G&T students will have an opportunity to interact with academic content, concepts, skills, and processes of specific disciplines commensurate with their ability and with like-minded peers.

3. Research and Independent Study Skills: G&T students will have an opportunity to conduct independent studies and research projects that extend beyond the regular curriculum and result in advanced-level products.

4. Self-Concept and Leadership: G&T students will gain an understanding and respect for each person’s abilities, recognizing that diversity is a vital ingredient to a healthy society.   This can be accomplished through activities that rely upon the interdependence of learners with varying abilities, talents, and skills.

5. Social and Collaboration Skills: G&T students are expected to develop strong interpersonal skills through sustained interactions with the broader school community.