Updates and information regarding the district plans implemented due COVID-19 will be posted in this section of the website.

March 4, 2022


Dear Families and Staff:

On Monday, March 7, our district will transition to a mask optional environment. Students/families  and staff may choose whether or not they wish to wear a mask, according to their personal assessment of health conditions. This will apply both in school and on the bus. A few items to note:

1.   Kindness matters! No bullying, harassment or coercion one way or another will be tolerated. All members of the school community are expected to be respectful of the choices and individual needs of others. Please remind our students of the importance of this.

2.   We ask that each person entering our buildings for any reason assess their own health and prior exposure before they arrive.

3.   No communication to the school about your choice is necessary.

4.   Staff cannot ensure that a particular student does/does not wear a mask.

5.   No quarantining is required for in-school exposure. Parents will be notified of in-school exposure via a class letter, similar to the process for other communicable diseases. This letter will include recommendations for further action. If a student opts to quarantine due to in-school exposure, asynchronous instruction will continue to be available. Please notify the school to set this up.

6.   Out of school exposure will still require quarantine for unvaccinated individuals, according to most up to date NJ Department of Health guidelines. Currently, this is quarantining for 5 days post-exposure, and returning on day 6. Monitoring for symptoms should continue through Day 10, and individuals are encouraged to mask in the presence of others. Asynchronous learning will be available.

7.   Positive cases: Positive cases will still have to quarantine for days 0-5. Anyone returning from isolation due to a Covid diagnosis can return on Day 6 ONLY if they are asymptomatic. Those returning early on Day 6 are strongly encouraged to mask in the presence of others through Day 10. Asynchronous learning is available. If you have any questions about this, please contact one of our school nurses for guidance.

As Spring approaches and case counts decline, we look forward to seeing everyone from our community in our buildings. Please look for opportunities to join us for pre-school events, STEM Family Night, Family Literacy Night, Open Houses, our UES musical, and other gathering opportunities that we are planning.

Positive cases are still actively occurring within our school community. We will continue the other health and safety mitigation factors, like improved ventilation, diligent cleaning and handwashing education as they are a regular part of the way we operate. Of course, we will continue to monitor conditions, and if conditions warrant a change to this information, we will notify you.

Thank you for your diligence, tenacity and support as we work hard to make decisions that are in the best interests of our entire community.


Helen Payne


North Hanover Township School District