Atlantis PTO Contacts:
    President: April Reichert
    Vice President: Yadira Maust
    Box Tops Coordinator: Kimberly Bailey
    Treasurers: April Reichert & Cleo Johnson
    Experienced Involvement: Aimee Guyett, Amanda Harper
    Dear Parents,
    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!
    We have planned several fundraisers such as the Color Run, and much more to school events! We're excited for this new school year!! We have a local Facebook page called Atlantis PTO. Please also feel free to message us at Atlantis_pto@yahoo.com
    We're looking forward to support from you, our volunteers for our students and wonderful staff. 
    We welcome you to Atlantis, cheers to an unforgettable, exciting year with our children!!
    Sincerely your PTO President,
    April Reichert and Board