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School Choice Option for Joint Base MDL Residents
Families arriving at JB-MDL have the option to choose the school district that their children will attend.  This is a unique benefit only for military families living in the United Communities Housing on JB-MDL. 
  • Both North Hanover Township Schools and Pemberton Township Schools are options for your children in PreK-6.
  • Families with children in grades 7-12 can choose between Northern Burlington Regional School District and Pemberton Township Schools.
  • Children who attend North Hanover for PreK-6 will automatically attend Northern Burlington for middle and high school. 
We encourage you to understand the choices.  Selection of a school district is subject to the following guidelines:
  • Once you select a school district, you cannot change districts.  You should fully expect to consult with school staff to discuss any concerns you have with the programs in that district.
  • Transportation is provided to either school district, regardless of where you live within the United Communities Housing on JB-MDL.
  • The district selected for the oldest child becomes the district of residence for the entire family.  Families cannot place children in different school districts.
  • The location of your residence within the United Communities Housing on JB-MDL does not affect your choice of school district.
  • Only families living in the United Communities Housing on JB-MDL have school choice.  Military families living off base must attend school where they reside.